Our SFI Team 2010 Progressive Jackpot

Our SFI Team 2010 Progressive Jackpot

$ 160.44

*The drawing will take place within the first 4 weeks of 2011. You must have 1500 or more versa points during December 2010 to be included in the drawing. If not, prior entries will be void.

How to enter:

No need to do anything, as long as you reach 1500 versa points in any month and have me (Tim Braun or The E-merican Dream Team) in your upline... you will automatically be included.

Check your upline here: http://www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/upline.sfi

How do I get 1500 points?

Simply work on the actions on your TO-DO LIST found here: http://www.sfimg.com/Home.sfi

For an simple way to ensure you get an entry EVERY month, you can easily set up a standing order for 14 individual Triple Click Credits or an IAHBE membership at your Triple Clicks Store.

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